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Oksana derives joy from making her clients look and feel their best. She appreciates each client’s special and unique needs and devotes time and attention to communicating with her clients to learn about their goals and concerns. Her well- rounded expertise allows her to work with clients “beyond the table,” giving advice on prevention, restoration, and nutrition. From European Facials to any level Advanced newest technology treatments. All treatments are CUSTOM created and combine with MicroDermabrasion, High-Frequency Therapy, LED Therapy Lights, Skin Scrubber Ionizing Treatment, Chemical Peels, Enzymes, Serums, HydroDermabrasion, Advanced Masks, and PCA Skin products. 

California Licensed Esthetician, Certified PCA Skin Specialist, Certified YUMI Lash Master, Certified Access Bars, Certified Access Bars Facelift, Certified Gua Sha Crystals Facelift, Reiki I and II Grade, Certified Healing/Cleanse with Roses, CertofiedTheta-healing 

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