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Advanced Facials

European Classic

$165 (50 min)

A customized, hygienic treatment is crafted to eliminate acne, skin congestion, uneven pigmentation, fine lines, and loss of firmness. You will benefit from enzymes, exfoliants, a custom mask, and vitamin-infused serums.


$165 (50 min)


Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive method of removing dead skin cells from the superficial layers of the skin using tiny diamond crystals. It stimulates blood flow, allowing more nutrition to reach the epidermis. In addition, this treatment reduces acne scars, stimulates the production of new cells, and improves the elasticity and texture of the skin.

 Hydro-Dermabrasion Facial  

 $165 (50 min)

Hydro-dermabrasion is also known as a 'celebrity facial.  The treatment can eliminate dark spots and hyperpigmentation.  This new technique uses water and oxygen to effortlessly exfoliate the skin with less pain than traditional diamond-tipped exfoliation.

Pink Bubbles


$185 (60 min)
$225 (90 min)


The immediate effect of GLOW facial will typically be visible from three to five days. We offer our signature facial for the purpose of providing your skin with rosy, healthy glow, bright eyes, and smooth, hydrated lips. A Brighten Therapeutic Blackberry Mask will be used in combination with hydro-microdermabrasion, BIO-LED Therapy light, and High-Frequency therapy during the treatment. 


60-minute treatment includes light massage on the face

90-minute treatment includes a deep facial, neck, and shoulder massages

Advanced Signature Custom Combo Treatment  
$185 (60 min)
$225 (90 min)

A multi-step skin treatment that combines microdermabrasion, hydro-dermabrasion, ultrasonic scrubber extractions (no pinching!), and antioxidants. The procedure is often accompanied by skincare products, LEDs, and HF lights. All of this can be done in one session without downtime or irritation.

Advanced Anti Acne Facial
 "Maskne" Rescue
$185 (60 min)
$225 (90 min)

A professional exfoliation removes the pore-clogging cells, followed by extractions to control the spread of acne-causing bacteria.  The high-frequency system along with the LED Blue Light therapy helps in detoxifying the skin and soothing irritations. Consistent results require a number of treatments. 
90-minute sessions are suggested for deep, prolonged extractions.

NANO - INFUSION Advanced Facial

$225 (90 min)
Package of 4 $800

Nano Infusion Facial Therapy is a non-invasive therapy that enhances the skin’s product absorption by 97%. This treatment infuses ingredients into the epidermis as the skin receives nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and hydration that help lighten, brighten, and tighten your skin.

Does Nano facial hurt?

There is no pain, inflammation, bleeding, or discomfort. Nano Pen is very safe, non-invasive and only affects the epidermis, making it both painless and very effective. Nano infusion is safe for all skin types and tones.

Advanced PCA SKIN® Custom Chemical Peels 
$95 (30 min)
$185 (60 min)


According to your skin's present state, your Esthetician determines the type of peel and number of layers needed during your treatment. Chemical peels are effective for most skin types and concerns, improve tone, texture, wrinkles, breakouts, and sun-damaged spots. With PCA SKIN chemical peels, you'll take home a healthy glow and be able to get right back to work. Consistent results require a number of treatments

24- karat Micro - Gold - Infusion 


$275 (90 min)

4 treatments for $800 

A specially formulated Micro-Infusion System for skin health and rejuvenation using pure hyaluronic acid and select components.

Innovating applicators contain twenty 24-karat gold microchannels designed to infuse specialized serums tailored to specific complexion needs, including:

  • fine lines

  • ​pigmentation

  • acne

  • scarring  

  • enlarged pores

  • excess sebum

  • sun damage​​

Micro-channeling is a great advancement in technology. The procedure reduces the risk of bruising and swelling, making it possible to treat areas such as the mouth, eyes, and other places that are hard to reach with traditional methods. Each needle is thinner than human hair and the system can be used on all parts of the face, including the hands and neck. The CE certification guarantees safety.

Gentlemen's Facial
$185 (60 min)

Specially designed for men, this moisturizing facial features deep cleansing and exfoliation as well as special attention to the sensitive areas that are often left behind by shaving and sun exposure.
Even if you have a full beard, you don't need to shave it off before your facial. Indeed, the products used during your facial may also improve your facial hair, making it look shinier and healthier. 
DO NOT SHAVE the day of your facial appointment. 


These treatments can be added to all facials (cannot be used separately) 

- LED Neck Lift Treatment
$50 (30 min)

- Deep Extractions 

$25 (15 min)
$50 (30 min)

- LED Acne Treatment
$50 (30 min)

- LED Pigment Treatment
$50 (30 min)

- LED Wrinkles Treatment
$50 (30 min)

- 24K Micro-Infusion Neck

- 24K Micro-Infusion Hands


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